IUSAMtgFollowing is a summary of topics discussed and what happened at the IUSA meeting on Wednesday, August 24th:

A full room of superintendents and representatives from IUSA districts worked with Bose representatives to finalize the 2016-17 IUSA legislative brochure. This brochure identifies the IUSA goal areas, describes their impact upon IUSA districts and identifies solutions to be drafted into potential legislation. Additionally, there was a discussion with IUSA representatives en-route to a meeting with the Legislative Services Agenda to begin drafting legislation to address the diversion of funding goal area.

Dr. Wendy Robinson, Superintendent from Fort Wayne, reported concerning her role and experiences to date with the selection of an assessment to replace ISTEP.

Dr. David Smith, Superintendent from Evansville reported on his work and experiences as a member of the ESSA commission.

Also presented was a summary of revisions to the IUSA website, including the changes and upgrades, posting of achievements and other successes of IUSA districts. One new item on the web is a list of the legislators for each IUSA district.  This document also was distributed to members. As part of this discussion it was agreed by those present to establish contact between an individual at each IUSA district and the IUSA assistant, Pat Markham, to coordinate postings to the web, Facebook and Twitter.  Ms. Markham has undertaken the upgrade and use of the website to highlight features in the best interest of IUSA’s vision.


Additionally, it was agreed to pursue the IUSA research agenda adopted at the May IUSA meeting. Research on these questions will facilitate future IUSA communications to keep stakeholders informed in the areas that they identify as what their individual district community appreciates and values in programs, services and offerings for students and families. The survey to be developed will help IUSA districts identify what they can do to best improve the value in their respective communities.  The survey administration will be through a link on the IUSA website with its release coordinated with individual member districts.

Finally, Dr. Woodson, Superintendent from Washington Township, updated members about the IUSA gathering on September 26th from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. during the ISB A/IAPSS fall conference.  Refreshments will be served and some elected officials have accepted our invitation to engage with IUSA members and their guests during this time.


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