At the Renaissance School in MSD of Warren Township, students are using their building skills to help create space to nourish strong bodies. For less than $20, the students put together a vertical garden constructed mainly of pvc pipe. These portable, space-saving vertical growing centers led to over 300 pounds of fresh produce last year, most of which was donated to the community.  The project, which is primarily funded through grant dollars, also was supported by donations from Whole Foods, and proceeds from sales of planters and succulents there helped offset the cost of seeds.  This project is just one of many at the Renaissance School, which offers a school-to-work-to-life transition program. The school’s comprehensive educational program is designed to help struggling students achieve academic success.

(Photo used with permission from MSD Warrant Township. Photo Credit: Linda White, Science Teacher)

Indiana’s urban schools enjoy strong community connections. This is demonstrated by the way in which schools and community partners cultivate relationships that benefit each other.

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