Congratulations to IUSA Members Indianapolis Public Schools and Fort Wayne Community Schools. Their Superintendents are among Education Week’s Leaders to Learn From!  In a video series published by Education Week, the accomplishments of Dr. Lewis Ferebee and Dr. Wendy Robinson are featured.

Dr. Robinson is described as a forceful advocate for urban schools, having worked with Kathy Friend, the district’s chief financial officer, to devises proposals to persuade the legislature that their (the district’s) “alternatives would be better for districts like Fort Wayne and others that serve large numbers of poor students, English-language learners, children with special needs, and students who frequently move in and out of schools.”  In the video, Dr. Robinson says she does not see herself as a champion for urban schools, she sees herself as a champion for children, concerned for their emotional, social and academic growth.  Her expertise, described by Education Week, is Advocacy for Public Education.

Dr. Lewis Ferebee, Superintendent for Indianapolis Public Schools, is featured as a 2016 Leader to Learn From for enlisting charters as allies to improve the city’s schools. Evident throughout the article and accompanying video is a leader whose approach is collaborative, guiding, and willing to step outside his comfort zone to do what’s best to help the students in Indianapolis Public Schools. Using available legislation, IPS created innovation network schools and with the help of a $100,000 grant awarded form the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IPS was able to “further promote district-charter collaboration.”  Follow the link to learn more about Dr. Ferebee’s vision for public education in Indianapolis, including his belief that charters and neighborhood schools can co-exist together.

Photos captured from Education Week site.

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