Chris Gearlds, Warren Early Childhood Center Principal, article The Power of Positive Family Engagement is featured in the National PTA online “Our Children” magazine and highlighted in their new publication,  “PTA Advocacy Changes Lives” (page 19).

In the article, Chris talks about his personal mission to provide parental development resources to families in the school community.  His goal is to make families feel confident in supporting their children at school and at home. These resources include helping families navigate and find solutions to some of the challenges they face.

Follow the link to read the full article and learn how Chris Gearlds is making a difference for the families in MSD Warren Township.

Indiana’s urban schools have strong connections with their school communities.  This is demonstrated by their continuing care for the well-being of the children and families they serve.

This post was created in collaboration with Kim Asbury, District Communication Coordinator, MSD Warren Township.

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