In a media release MSD Wayne Township announced the launch of its new website, where they are using what they learned from strategic planning to focus more intentionally on connecting the school district with the community.

The district’s logo is front and center: “We are Wayne! Great Schools/Great Community” as is this very important message from the Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Butts:

In MSD Wayne Township, each of our students is more than a number, more than a test score.

While we have become so trained to focus on standardized testing data — and I agree it has its place — I challenge you to get engaged in our schools to see first-hand the amazing work happening each and every day with all of our students. Success is prevalent throughout our district and measured individually, student by student. In Wayne, our students come first and we make decisions that best serve the needs of all of them.

Follow the link to read more about the newly designed website and about MSD Wayne Township Schools.


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