Congratulations to MSD Warren Township and to the families and students who will continue to enjoy the NAEYC Accredited Warren Early Childhood Center

MSD Warren Township schools shared their success in maintaining NAEYC accreditation for the Warren Early Childhood Center program.

Since 1985 the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) set professional standards for early childhood education programs. The ten NAEYC early learning standards include

  • The promotion of positive relationships among all children and adults to encourage a child’s sense of individual worth and belonging as part of a community and to foster each child’s ability as a responsible community member.
  • A well-articulated curriculum to guide and assist teachers in identifying important concepts and skills as well as effective methods for fostering children’s learning and development.
  • Teaching staff who purposefully use multiple instructional approaches optimize children’s opportunities for learning.
  • Ongoing and systematic, formal and informal assessments to provide information on the child’s learning and development.
  • Promotion of nutrition and health of children.
  • A teaching staff that has the educational qualities, knowledge, and professional commitment necessary to promote a child’s learning and development and to support families’ diverse needs and interests.
  • Collaborative relationships with each child’s family to foster the child’s development in all settings. These relationships are sensitive to family composition, language, and culture.
  • The establishment of relationships with and use of resources within the community to support the child and the program goals.
  • A safe and healthful environment that provides appropriate and well- maintained indoor and outdoor physical environments.
  • Effective implementation of policies, procedures and systems that support stable staff and strong personnel, fiscal and program management so all children, families and staff have high quality experiences.

Follow the link to read the full standards document including the rationale for each area. NAEYC accreditation represents the highest mark of quality in early childhood education. Programs are required to continue to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the standards to ensure continued success for the children.

This post was created in collaboration with Kim Asbury, District Communication Coordinator, MSD Warren Township

 Indiana’s urban schools offer Hoosier students a rich array of programs, services, and opportunities. IUSA appreciates the opportunity to share the stories that demonstrate what the schools have to offer and the many successes their students, faculty and staff achieve.


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