MSD Decatur Students and Stepping Stone

West Newton Elementary Unveils Bicentennial Project – the 19 Steps to Statehood

In a media release, MSD Decatur announced that West Newton Elementary School unveiled their Bicentennial Legacy Project, the “19 Steps to Statehood.” Students designed and installed 19 stepping stones that lead from the school building to the Indiana State Totem Pole outside. Each of the 19 stones represents a famous person, place or item of interest that is important to the history and people of Indiana.

The unveiling was attended by West Newton Elementary School’s students of the month along with parent and community volunteers, and members of the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration Committee.

The “19 Steps to Statehood” is a registered Bicentennial Project. It is also the third outdoor art installation at West Newton Elementary School. Each installation celebrates Great Hoosiers and inspires West Newton Elementary Students to become a great Hoosier.

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