More than half of the 44 schools identified by Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction as 2016-17 Family Friendly Schools are schools within IUSA member districts. These include schools in  Concord Community SchoolsIndianapolis Public Schools, MSD Warren ToPrimary school teacher helping boy learn numberswnship, Merrillville Community Schools and School City of Hammond. According to the article on the Indiana Department of Education website, selection criteria includes the school’s “commitment to addressing the needs of Hoosier students while fostering the active involvement of families and the community in their school.”

“Family Friendly Schools must demonstrate a commitment to addressing the academic, physical, emotional and social needs of their students while providing needed resources and fostering the active involvement of families both in school and in the community. Schools are identified through a rigorous application process and must excel at involving families and community members in student education.”

Below is the complete list, including a designation for those schools within IUSA districts:

  • Brookview Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Career Academy High School (South Bend)
  • Center for Inquiry #2 (Indianapolis) (IPS)
  • Center for Inquiry #27 (Indianapolis) (IPS)
  • Center for Inquiry #84 (Indianapolis) (IPS)
  • Christ the King Catholic School (Indianapolis)
  • Cold Spring School (Indianapolis) (IPS)
  • Concord East Side Elementary School (Concord)
  • Creston Intermediate Academy (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Creston Middle School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Daniel Webster School #46 (Indianapolis) (IPS)
  • Eastridge Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Frank O’Bannon Elementary School (Hammond) (School City of Hammond)
  • Geist Montessori Academy (McCordsville)
  • Grassy Creek Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Greensburg Elementary School (Greensburg)
  • Hawthorne Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Jonas E Salk Elementary School (Merrillville) (Merrillville Community Schools)
  • Lake Prairie Elementary School (Lowell)
  • Lakeside Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Liberty Park Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Lincoln Elementary School (Huntington)
  • Lowell Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Lowell Senior High School (Lowell)
  • Lowell Middle School (Lowell)
  • New Haven Intermediate School (New Haven)
  • New Haven Primary School (New Haven)
  • Oak Hill Elementary School (Lowell)
  • Pennville Elementary School (Pennville)
  • Pleasant Run Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Raymond Park Middle School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Raymond Park Intermediate School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Rykers Ridge Elementary School (Madison)
  • Silver Creek Primary School (Sellersburg)
  • Stonybrook Intermediate Academy (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Stonybrook Middle School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Sunny Heights Elementary School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Three Creeks Elementary School (Lowell)
  • Tri-County Primary School (Remington)
  • Warren Central High School (Indianapolis) (MSD Warren Twp)
  • Washington Irving School #14 (Indianapolis) (IPS)
  • Washington STEM Academy (Warsaw)
  • Westville High School (Westville)
  • White River Valley Elementary School (Worthington)

Additional information about Family Friendly Schools can be found on the Department’s website:

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