– Legislative Agenda 2018

Indiana Urban Schools Association (IUSA)

Our Students . . . Your Future . . . Indiana Urban Schools

IUSA is a consortium of the largest school corporations across the state of Indiana, educating more than 358,000 students. Almost half (46%) receive free or reduced price meals, about 70% are students of color, 33% receive special education services, and nearly 60% are limited-English proficient.*

*Source: IDOE 2017 Compass

Follow are the list of legislative focus areas for IUSA for the 2018 Legislative Session:

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Focus Area Facts Impact Solutions

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Tax Parity for


of Public



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Donations to a public school foundation are not eligible for a 50% Indiana tax credit like donations to a Scholarship Granting Organization. Public schools & public school foundations are
at a competitive disadvantage to attract donors & engage community leaders.
Level the playing field to allow a 50% Indiana tax credit for donations to a public school foundation.
Unlike parents of voucher students, parents who choose to send their children to public school are not eligible to deduct up to $1,000 per child for educational expenses. Parents of public school students must pay for educational expenses without the benefit of an up to $1,000 tax deduction per child. Level the playing field to allow parents of public school children to deduct up to $1,000 per child for out-of-pocket educational expenses.

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Financial &
for all Schools
Public Funds
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Schools receiving voucher students benefit from nearly $100M diverted from public schools. These schools do not have the same requirements for financial & academic reporting as public schools. IUSA districts, having higher concentrations of high-risk students, are disproportionately affected. Resources for instructional programs and services for all students are stressed as a result of vouchers. Promote equitable financial & academic transparency for all schools receiving public funds, and create a line item for Choice Scholarship Program in the State budget.

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Restore the Complexity Index Formula to Adequately Fund Student Needs


Complexity index revisions reallocated $500M from urban schools with the highest concentration of the most at-risk students. IUSA districts, having higher percentages of high-needs students, receive fewer dollars for essential services & instructional resources to address the needs of these most at-risk students. Restore complexity index funding to levels that more sufficiently support schools with higher concentrations of at-risk students.


Graduation Pathways & High School Diploma


Currently Indiana students can earn either a General Diploma, a Core 40 Diploma, Core 40 with Academic Honors or Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma Unintended consequences of changes to Indiana’s graduation requirements & high school diploma may impact educational experiences of at-risk students & negatively impact graduation rates or quality of educational experiences. Ensure changes to Indiana’s graduation requirements acknowledge different needs of a diverse student population & provide resources for high quality school experiences and support all students through graduation.


The attached document [Comparison of Traditional Public Schools, Charter Public School and Voucher School Reporting and Transparency Requirements] was created in an effort to demonstrate a comparison of the reporting and transparency requirements for Indiana’s traditional public schools to the transparency and reporting requirements of charter public schools and choice (voucher) schools.  The document was presented to members at the January 10, 2018 IUSA meeting.

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