Youth from across the city, including Lawrence Township Schools students, participated in a public hearing to support the Climate Recovery Resolution Act. This Act states: “A PROPOSAL FOR THE SPECIAL RESOLUTION to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use, to create a change-resilient City of Indianapolis that will protect the children and grandchildren of the community.”

Students in the Oaklandon E-STEM club, led by Environmental Science teacher Ms. Laura Getz, see the detrimental impact of climate change, and are taking a stand, both through advocacy and local initiatives. Oaklandon E-STEM club members have held numerous meetings over the past year, collaborating with fellow Indianapolis students, Earth Charter Indiana, and the Peace Learning Center.  Most recently, the club has worked with principal, Mrs. Jenny Sheets, on establishing the parking lot at Oaklandon as a “No Idling Zone.” Their objective is to encourage the reduction of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

Follow the link to read the full story.

This story was created in collaboration with Dana Altemeyer, Coordinator of Communications, Public Relations, &  Marketing, MSD Lawrence Township

Indiana’s urban schools enjoy strong community connections. This is demonstrated by the way in which schools and community partners cultivate relationships that benefit each other.

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