Beech Grove appreciates Diana Ferris (now Diana Riley), Beech Grove High School’s (BGHS) first choral director in 1971. During her tenure at BGHS, Diana formed the Jubilaires, the high school’s show choir.  Diana spent three years as a teacher in Beech Grove teaching music and choreography and continued her teaching career at another district in Indiana. Now retired, Diana expressed her feelings that “the Jubilaires are my pride and joy.” At the invitation of Melody Stevens, Diana toured the high school, where Mr. Dean, BGHS’ current choral director, treated her to a class with the Jubilaires, who sang two songs for her (“Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, and “Sicut Cervus” by Giovanni di Palestrina.) “Beyond thrilled” aptly describes her experience with the current members of the Jubilaires!

Follow the link to view photos from her years of teaching at BGHS and her visit with the Jubilaires.

In addition to entertaining Ms. Diana Riley, the Jubiliares performed at Franklin Center High School, earning high marks and receiving excellent comments from the judges. Congratulations to the Jubiliares What a tribute to the legacy of Ms. Riley.

This post created in collaboration with Melody Stevens, Community Relations/Communications Director – Beech Grove City Schools



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