Hardy Murphy, Ph.D., (Indiana Urban Schools Association Executive Director) and Sandi Cole, Ed.D., co-authored and presented  to the Indiana State Board of Education the report entitled Indiana’s Teacher Evaluation System: A Four-Year Analysis.

As outlined in the executive summary, key findings include:

  • A discrepancy between individual growth model ratings of teacher effectiveness and summative ratings given teachers by their evaluators
  • No identified difference in teacher ratings and student outcomes associated with growth weight used in evaluation plans
  • Student poverty level is the single most powerful predictor of teacher evaluation ratings and student learning outcomes
  • Some evidence of a relationship with the development and implementation of high quality plans with teacher effectiveness ratings and student outcomes
  • There appears to be a relationship between teacher mobility, teacher experience, district percentage of students receiving free and reduced meals, and teacher evaluation ratings
  • There are evident distinctions in student learning outcomes and teacher ratings based upon classroom characteristics
  • A relationship between prior year student assessment outcomes and teacher evaluation ratings
  • There are relationships between teacher demographics and evaluation ratings and principal ratings and teacher evaluation ratings
  • Changes in the state accountability system either inadvertently or by design impacted the consistency and quality of educator plan development and implementation
  • The current teacher evaluation model does not effectively account for student demographics.

Follow the link to read the full report presented to the Indiana State Board of Education February 2017.

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