Preparing students for the future is as much about cultivating relationships and developing empathy and goodwill. Thanks to a “Penny War” that is exactly what’s happening at Chamberlain Elementary School in Goshen Community Schools where young students are experiencing the pleasure of paying it forward.

Chamberlain students have been enjoying a new playground since 2013.  Their playground was made possible with support and generous donations from the community.  A neighboring school, Parkside Elementary, also in Goshen Community Schools, has been fundraising and soliciting donations for a new playground, but remain a little short.

In the story published by the Good of Goshen, you can read about the generosity and kindness of the youngsters at Chamberlain who are participating in a “Penny War” among the various classes, with all proceeds earmarked to help Parkside Elementary get its new playground. Perhaps most impressive is how this third grader summed up the Penny War – “…even if we lose, we are still doing something good.”

Follow the link to read the full story about the Penny War to help Parkside Elementary get their new playground.



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