Goshen Community Schools embraces the diversity in their school community and seeks to tap into a deeper understanding about their students to improve learning.   In their recent article At Goshen Community Schools, Diversity Builds Strength, they set out explain that “recognizing the plentiful advantages that diversity can offer, administrators have made  conscious choice to embrace it with open arms. … mak(ing) the hallways, classrooms, and playgrounds happier, safer, and more productive places for each student.”   This school year, Goshen administrators initiated a partnership with a local expert in diversity training, Gilberto Perez Jr. from Goshen College to help raise consciousness and “create spaces where school administrators can learn more about their students’ cultures.”  Activities include monthly training sessions offered to Goshen Middle School teachers by Goshen College biology professor, Jody Saylor, on intentional learning.  They also include small group sessions where teachers can discuss topics around diversity, all designed to build teacher “awareness of students’ backgrounds, encourage them to listen to students’ need, and to provide support.”

Superintendent Woodworth’s assistant Lori Martin, summed up the school environment noting that for most students, they “don’t see differences. They simply see their friends and classmates.”


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