Goshen Community Schools has two teachers going the extra mile to help make it possible for every girl who wants to attend the high school prom.

The Goshen High School Prom Dress Drive started several years ago by English teacher, Robin Hershberger who realized that several of her students wanted to attend prom but were unable to afford all of the costs associated with the event. She began taking prom dress donations from former students and community members. Students who wish to attend prom may choose a dress at no cost. Over time, the collection has grown into an impressive assortment of dresses and accessories in all sizes. Other teachers, wishing to contribute to the effort, paid to have the dresses dry-cleaned before they were put on the racks for selection.

Understanding the need for privacy, Mrs. Hershberger stores the selection of prom dresses in the back of her classroom, covered so that no one sees the dresses until they are ready to make a selection. After prom, students may keep the dress, if they choose, or donate it back to the cause. The Prom Dress Drive is a wonderful opportunity and service for students and the two women who run the event are commended for their commitment to making the dream of going to prom a reality for more girls in the school.

Goshen Community Schools expresses appreciation to Robin Hershberger and fellow English teacher, Teresa Shakley for their efforts to help make prom a reality for all Goshen High School students.

This post was created in collaboration with Lori Martin, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/PR, Goshen Community Schools. 

Indiana urban schools are caring communities where teachers, students and others often go above and beyond to improve the lives and experiences of their school community. The Prom Dress Drive at Goshen High School is one example of this.


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