Lily Endowment awarded a $12K grant to each of the following educators from IUSA member districts who, by exploring their passions, engage in experiences that enrich their lives and their commitment to education.

In total, Lilly granted more than $1 million to local educators for travel, research, and other person and professional activities. The grants give educators opportunities to experience their world in ways that will renew their commitment to education.

Below is a list of grant recipients in IUSA member districts. Congratulations.

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.  Central Middle School- grant award to Katherine R. Slabosky “Advice From a Glacier”—visit Iceland and Glacier National Park to observe glaciers and geology; photograph unique geologic features

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp – Columbus East High School
Derek C. Chastain “Lost Among the Stars: Building a Telescope to Gaze Into Deep Space”— construct a large reflecting telescope; host star parties for students

Concord Community Schools – Concord East Side Elementary – grant award to Jason E. Glashausere for “Polska, Polska, Polska!” summer Polish Language and Culture program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. – North High School – grant award to Denna S. Sharp “ChemDine” for science behind modern cuisine and fine dining. Interviews with professional chefs and use information in chemistry and physics classes.

Fort Wayne Community Schools – Northrup High School – grant award to Benjamin Caywood for “Chasing the Wind and Spreading the Joy” to take kiteboarding lessons in North Carolina and Michigan, compete in regional contests and races, and attending professional kiteboarding event in Hood River, OR

Fort Wayne Community Schools – grant award to Lori S. Heiges for “Beyond Books: A Journey into the Libraries of Australia and New Zealand” to visit public and school libraries in Australia and New Zealand to increase library usea in school.

Franklin Township Community School Corp- Arlington Elementary School – grant award to James B. Preddy for “The Long Way Round” to travel by motorcycle through Ireland and Scotland and explore family heritage, enroll in Celtic language class, and make a kilt.

Goshen Community Schools – Goshen High School – grant award to Andrew J. Brubaker for “The Mountains Have a Story, But we Must Journey to Find it” to travel by mountain bike across 540-mile Colorado Trail; volunteer with Colorado Trail Foundation to maintain part of trail and record the experience through photography and videography.

Indianapolis Public Schools – Center for Inquiry #84 -grant award to Aaron J. Munson for “Studying Ukulele, Slack-Key Guitar and Orff-Schulwerk”—enroll in ukulele and slack-key guitar lesson in Honolulu; attend Orff Level 2 workshop at Anderson University Department of Online Learning Alex J. Bienz “Oceans”—explore the Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans; collect water samples from each; analyze with a biology teacher microorganisms, ocean density, hue and more; prepare classroom display of samples

Indianapolis Public Schools – George Washington Carver No. 87 – grant award to Tawn Spicklemire “Discovering My Daughter’s Maya Roots in Guatemala”—explore history, archaeology, folkways, language and beauty of daughter’s ancestral land; learn Spanish from native speakers   Larue Carter Satellite School  Simone T. Hamel-Smith “In the Footsteps of Heloise: A Journey to the Middle Ages”—study the life of Heloise d’Argenteuil Abelard in Great Britain and France; practice French language skills

MSD Lawrence Township – Brook Park Elementary School – grant award to Renee A. Erler “I Will Survive!”—train for and participate in wilderness survival classes and experiences in Virginia, Utah and the Grand Canyon; journal, sketch and photograph experiences; write a wilderness survival book for children

MSD Lawrence Township – Lawrence North High School – grant award to Sylvania N. Hernandez “My Spanish Salvation: My Quest to Share My Hispanic Heritage”—take Spanish classes and live with host families in Guatemala and Spain

Monroe County Community Schools – Binford Elementary School  – grant award to Matthew A. Wooden “Nine-Year-Old Dreams: Digging for Dinosaurs”—prospect for fossil specimens in Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota; learn preservation techniques and display found fossils in fourth-grade classroom

Monroe County Community Schools -Bloomington High School North – grant award to -Alana H. Harrington “Finding Myself While Adventuring Westward Exploring Our National Parks”—explore seven western national parks, monuments and recreation areas; incorporate locally grown organic food in diet; reestablish school’s nature trail

Monroe County Community Schools – Jackson Creek Middle School  – grant award to Joseph A. Donnelly “Film Scoring Workshop; Recording and Performance Project”—attend summer workshop on film scoring at New York University; create, record and perform an original film score with 20-piece orchestra

MSD Pike Township – College Park Elementary School- grant award to Margaret B. Mullin “Language is the Heart of Community”—enroll in Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica; explore local agricultural, cultural, cooking and craft traditions

MSD Pike Township – Guion Creek Middle School – grant award to Amy L. Kamwendo “I Bless the Rains Down in Africa”—volunteer with the Performing Arts Abroad Program; work with children in South Africa and Malawi to develop themselves through music

MSD Pike Township – Pike High School – grant award to Leal Smith “Rebel Without a Pause”—attend classes at the American Black Film Festival in Miami and the Vancouver Film School; produce a short film that explores the need for and benefits of education

MSD Pike Township – Pike High School – grant award to Mave L. Davis “Discovering Honduras: Experiencing Community and Culture”— volunteer and teach in orphanage in La Ceiba, Honduras

MSD Pike Township – Pike High School – grant award to DuBoris Dickerson “Make It, Take It, Use It: Exploring the Boundary Waters in the Folk School Tradition”—build a kayak at the North House Folk School; take classes at the Ely Folk School on water safety, packing, portaging, and emergency prevention and management; canoe the Boundary Waters and camp in the wilderness

MSD Warren Township – The Renaissance School – grant award to Amanda D. Holzhausen “Chasing the Ghost of a Widow”—explore grandmother’s history in rural West Virginia; write grandmother’s life story

MSD Warren Township – Warren Central High School – grant award to Gerald A. Maillet “Build, Pedal, Repair, Repeat”—learn bicycle mechanics and build a road bike; ride from Dayton, OH to the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, NC

MSD Washington Township  – Fox Hill Elementary School  – grant award to Carol Pierobon Hofer “A Real Ice-Breaker: An Up-Close-and-Personal Introduction to the Warm Weather Penguins of South Africa”—monitor and survey endangered South African penguin species on Robben Island

MSD Washington Township – Greenbriar Elementary School – grant award to Amanda M. Hassen “Returning to the Heart”—return to Ethiopia where teacher volunteered during college and decided to become a teacher for at-risk and international students

MSD Washington Township – J. Everett Light Career Center  – grant award to Caroline E. Scott “Exposing the Soul of British Gardens”—explore and photograph gardens in Northern Ireland, England and Scotland; create functioning gardens at home and at school

MSD Wayne Township  – Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center  – grant award to Kathryn M. Winsor “Inspiring Awareness and Bringing Adventure Home: Nearpod Virtual Field Trips”—explore state and national parks; capture photographs while hiking, biking and snorkeling; create interactive virtual field trips for students

MSD Wayne Township – Rhoades Elementary School – grant award to Molly C. Mote “Vincent Van Gogh’s Trek”—follow Van Gogh’s path through The Netherlands, Belgium and France; sketch and paint

Logansport Community School Corp.  – Landis Elementary School  – grant award to Connie S. Peattie “Finding My Way by Rail: Festivals, Farmers’ Markets, Fitting In”— travel by train to experience cultures in other regions of the country to better understand needs of English learner students

Logansport Community School Corp. – Logansport High School – grant award to Melanie M. Lang “Pieces of History: Creating a Holocaust Remembrance Quilt”—travel to Auschwitz and other Holocaust sites; attend course at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City and visit several Holocaust-related museums; create quilt using fabric procured and signed at trip locations

Muncie Community Schools – East Washington Academy – grant award to Jacquelyn S. Vegh “Oregon Mountain Challenge”—complete endurance hikes in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains; summit Mt. Scott in Crater Lake National Park

South Bend Community Schools  – McKinley Primary Center  – grant award to Elizabeth A. Byrum “One Green Planet: Celebrating a Passion for Ocean Wildlife”—explore marine wildlife at aquariums in Cincinnati, Chicago and Atlanta; spend extended time in and around Monterey Bay, CA

Vigo County School Corp. – Fayette and Rio Grande Elementary Schools;
West Vigo Middle School – grant award to Patricia L. Curley “Family Ties the ‘Write’ Way”—connect with family history in Ireland and Italy; attend All Write Summer Institute in Warsaw, IN

Vigo County School Corp. – Fuqua Elementary School – grant award to Brenda R. Marina (see also Riley Elementary School)  “Amazing Pandas”—volunteer at Chengdu and Dujiangyan panda reserves in China; visit National (Washington, D.C.) and San Diego zoos; create virtual field trips for students

Vigo County School Corp. – Riley Elementary School – grant award to Kristen L. Wells (see also Fuqua Elementary School) “Amazing Pandas”—volunteer at Chengdu and Dujiangyan panda reserves in China; visit National (Washington, D.C.) and San Diego zoos; create virtual field trips for students

Vigo County School Corp – Riley and Ben Franklin Elementary Schools – grant award to Jana G. Weeks “Weeks in the Life of Three Masters”—explore Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Mexico City; travel to Yosemite National Park to visit Ansel Adams’ gallery; participate in workshops, painting classes and photography lessons

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