Congratulations Rebecca Pollert nurse at South Grove Intermediate School in Beech Grove City Schools (BGCS).  Rebecca is one of five Marion County nurses recognized as an Indy Star “Salute to Nurses” winner.

Beech Grove City Schools shared some facts about Rebecca to help us see how truly special she is:

Rebecca Pollert was described by BGCS nursing coordinator, Brandee Beikman, as “a very extraordinary caregiver.” On an average day, Rebecca sees 50 ill or injured students in the school clinic, and administers 28 scheduled medications. That’s nearly 80 students every day in just 7.5 hours! Although Rebecca’s clinic is extremely busy, she sees each of our students as a special individual and takes time to listen to the needs of each one in order to give the appropriate care and encouragement. Mrs. Beikman notes, “I have witnessed students coming to the clinic to show Nurse Pollert, as they call her, a homework grade or test score that they are proud of because they know that she will praise and encourage them. I have also witnessed special handshakes that some of the students have with her! Her wall is covered with thank you notes, from not only her kids, but their parents, as well as teachers and staff that work at South Grove. Beyond her extraordinary caregiving, Rebecca is such an inspiration. She volunteers with some of the after school groups at South Grove, including the Girls on the Run program. She trained with the group and ran a 5K with the girls.”

Rebecca was surprised at an all-school convocation on Monday, March 6, hosted by Community Health Network, who provides nurses for BGCS schools, and South Grove Intermediate School. Rebecca’s parents were in attendance as special guests for the event. Four South Grove students read letters of thanks to Miss Pollert during the convocation. South Grove loves and appreciates Miss Pollert and all she does for its students and staff! Congratulations, Rebecca!

 This post was created in collaboration with Melody Stevens, Community Relations/Communications Director – Beech Grove City Schools.

 Indiana’s urban schools offer Hoosier students a rich array of programs, services, and opportunities. IUSA appreciates the opportunity to share the stories that demonstrate what the schools have to offer and the many successes their students, faculty and staff achieve.


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