In the You Tube video documentary featuring Jocelyn Chubb, you will see some of what makes Anderson Community Schools (ACS) a very special place for its students.  Jocelyn is one of three students selected by principals in the school community who were asked to identify students to help showcase some of the amazing things happening at ACS. After a lengthy review process, three students were chosen, one from high school, one middle schooler, and an elementary student.  The winners are: Jocelyn Chubb, AHS Senior, Logan Knight, HMS 8th grader, and Olivia Morris, Eastside Elementary 5th grader. With the generous support of Community Hospital,  ACS partners at The Story Shop went behind the scenes to create documentaries of the lives of these 3 ACS students.  As you will see, under the guidance of their dedicated teachers, their hard work and dedication is finally coming to fruition.  The linked video is Jocelyn Chubb’s story.

This video and content for this post was shared by ACS with the following comment:  “ACS shares that it is proud of their teachers and their relentless pursuit of providing our students with a top notch education in a safe learning environment. Thank you for all you do each day to make the lives of our students a little better, a little brighter, and above all, a little more amazing. “

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