realnessofraceIn a story shared today, Anderson Community Schools announced that more than 100 administrators and educators came together last month at the Anderson Tanglewood Conference Center to discuss race and ethnicity within our society. Guest speakers included Ghangis D. Carter, Director of the Office of Recruitment and Retention for Underrepresented Students in the Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) School of Education and Dr. Christina Wright Fields, academic specialist and the Director of the Balfour Scholars Program (BSP) within School of Education’s Center for P16 Research and Collaboration at Indiana University Bloomington.

From Anderson Community Schools, Superintendent, Terry Thompson and ACS Director of Multicultural Education Behavior Services, Dr. Treva Bostic were in attendance. .

“We have appreciated the engagement and candor that Dr. Wright and Mr. Carter contributed to this workshop, said Dr. Bostic. By defining race and ethnicity it’s central to analyze how majority and minority identities are constructed. Rather than talking about the individual characteristics or personalities of different individuals one begins to appreciate looking at social identities.

This workshop has been proactive in coming to grips with important changes taking place around the world and especially after the recent presidential elections and how this will affect our students and the work climate. With our efforts, we all share a mission to foster cross- cooperation and dialogues without forgoing our own cultures.”realnessofrace2

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